Friday, November 30, 2012

This Week In Google 174: Reggae Jeff - Section 1h48m37s

I'm testing this "autopost from YouTube" feature by seeing if this link passes the bookmark with the video link. I set at 1h48m37s where an amusing and informative interchange between Leo and his team starts. 

The scenario is that Leo (The Boss at has just returned from a trip away in Australia on a Geek Cruise boat and while he was away his team were prepping for Xmas. The end of year show is always a highlight episode to give the live presenters a break.

To solicite feedback, regarding the best clips to include in the show, a member of the team created a web form...... this mini-rant by the boss will be familiar to anyone who has worked in IT... but is still fun to watch or listen to.

If you are a budding IT person listen and learn.

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