Friday, January 7, 2011

Drawbridges built with red tape.

To certify or not to certify?

At a time when there is a call for the reduction of the 'red tape' involved in business, it is fascinating to hear business owners argue for extra regulation.

Listening to a hairdresser argue for more regulation of Hairdressers reminded me again how one persons freedom is another's prison. The desire of cooperation, community and collaboration is at odds to monopoly, greed and elitism and I think red tape is really the red line that separates the two.

It seems to me that certification is just one bit of Red Tape, and has been seen as a bad thing/good thing that needs addressing ever since the year dot.

A Google never forgets.

Following an interesting discussion at the TVSMC event recently I though I should note the details for others reference.

We were discussing whether it was worth commenting on a blog or news article some time after its posting and how it is easy for good intentions to go out the window, and being a time to think of 'things for the new year' should the past lost intentions be forgot.

My view is that commenting and updates should be done whenever. My thinking goes as follows.

Your blog posts, Twitter comments, FB wall writings, etc will never be forgotten by the googles. so take advantage of this rather than treating online as if it was dead tree media.

You are in the world of brand building once you are online at all.

This thinking is totally undermined by the blogs and interactive sites that solicited input from readers and then after a short time they close the comments. In my view this is short-sighted, misguided and rude.

I comment on this subject further on my Creativity and Greentech podcast Show HC61 (available via )