Friday, December 11, 2009

Full Disclosure On Twitter

Two twitter themes in one day!

A subject that came up recently in discussions on Twitter, and related to another FIR show, was how to do disclosure of potential "conflicts of interest" in Tweets.

The trigger for the discussion was the legal changes that came into force in the US on 1st Dec 2009 and, as I have heard it reported, require bloggers in the US to declare any payments from and in connection with companies and products mentioned in blog posts.

I am sure there a many ideas on the 'best way' to do this flagging, but this is mine. I haven't seen any other suggestion, but I will be looking further into this later.

My suggestion is to use the Tag #D and to ensure your profile URL points to a web page with the usual Contact info, T&C's, Privacy Policy, and a Declaration of Interests. It could also be extended to #D1 etc to reference a particular subsection of the DOI.

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